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New publication out now

The preprint of our paper " - a Novel Resource for Genomic Variants in Cancer Cell Lines" is available now:

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New publication out now

The preprint for our collaboration with ZHAW is out now:

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ZHAW Visitors for Cancercelllines Hackathon

Implementing INODE-driven literature collections

Fore some months our group has worked with members of Kurt Stockinger's team from the ZHAW on a cancer cell lines use case for the INODE project. In the last 2 days we had a site visit for a first implementation of the use case specific system on More information to follow - and thanks to Ellery & Dimitris for the great work!

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Site Layout Modifications


This change splits the sample search page off the combined landing site. Ongoing changes will also separe the hierarchical cell line tree soon.

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Launching a development version of the site

Today we launched the first independent version of the resource. This is right now a very "alpha"-grade playground & in the process of getting disentangled from the donor site.

Stay tuned!

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