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Cancercelllines Resource Documentation

The genomic information resource contains genome profiling data, somatic mutation information and associated metadata for thousands of human cancer cell lines. It has its origins in genomic copy number variation (CNV) profiling data of cell lines originally collected as part of the more than 100’000 individual datasets in the Progenetix oncogenomic resource. However, by providing genome mapped, annotated data for many types of genomic mutations, together with CNV profiles for a subset of the overall more than 16'000 cell lines, goes beyond the original scope of Progenetix and provides an entry point for the comparative analysis of genomic variants in cell lines as well as for the exploration of related publications.


  • Cancer cell line oncogenomic online resource (2023)
  • Paloots R and Baudis M. (2023): - a Novel Resource for Genomic Variants in Cancer Cell Lines. bioRxiv DOI 10.1101/2023.12.12.571281 2023 Dec 13
Additional Articles & Citation Options
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Registration & Licenses

As of March 2012, no registration is required for using Progenetix and related resources such as While the data is licensed under CC-BY 4.0 we suggest that you contact Michael Baudis if you plan any commercial use of the database or are interested to incorporate the data into your research projects, for optional collaborative support.

Data Sources includes SNV data from the CCLE and ClinVar resources:

  • CCLE mutation set: last accessed 2022-06-02
  • ClinVar variation release: last accessed 2023-06-25

Data Statistics

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Progenetix The Progenetix database and cancer genomic information resource provides a comprehensive collection of genomic copy number profiling data for the majority of cancer types (ca. 800 diagnostic codes as of 2023). It was publicly launched in 2001, abnnounced through an article in Bioinformatics. The database & software are developed by the group of Michael Baudis at the University of Zurich and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB).

Additional information - e.g. about contacts or related publications - is available through the group page of the Baudis group at the University of Zürich. For a list of publication by the Baudis group you can go to the group's website, EuropePMC or any of the links here.

Beacon The Beacon project of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health GA4GH develops a framework and default data model for the discovery and exchange of genomic variants and associated biomedical annotations. makes extensive use of the Beacon protocol for its API and also as engine behind its front end (see below). Source Code

With exception of some utility scripts and external dependencies (e.g. MongoDB) the following projects provide the vast majority of the software (from database interaction to website) behind Progenetix and Beacon+.


  • Python based service based on the GA4GH Beacon protocol
  • software powering the and Progenetix resources
  • Beacon+ implementation(s) use the same code base


  • website for
  • implemented as React / Next.js project
  • contains this documentation tree here as mkdocs project, with files in the docs directory


  • extensions (server services...) and management tools for bycon-based installations


  • website for Progenetix and its Beacon+ implementations
  • provides Beacon interfaces for the bycon stack to the Progenetix sevices
  • contains the main documentation tree